It’s Time to Slow Things Down: Why we’re too Fast for Fast Fashion

Updated: May 20

Slow fashion rethinks consumerism
By: Amanda Peacock

By this point in the twenty first century we have been made aware of choices that manufactured a permanent hold on the effects of our global environment throughout history. The industrial revolution offered a significant increase in economic wealth for many countries and the fast consumption of manufactured goods. Fashion was always ever evolving but with processes that offered a steady output of product, the fashion industry boomed. Companies were able to offer several sizes of the same style with minimal effort. Over time corporate companies have monopolized on these processes pushing out high quantities of clothing without sufficient clientele to purchase the entire quantity. This process, called fast fashion, has been going on for decades. While once offering certain efficiency for customers, we have realized the long term effects of producing materials in bulk with an ever evolving fashion industry. This is where slow fashion comes into play.

Slow fashion rethinks consumerism and is the practice of ethical and sustainable efforts; offering benefits to society and the globe as a whole. Clothes are more thought through and created with intention. Companies will create less or made to order product from sources that offer more efficient global opportunity. This means that anything that is made is made specifically for you, and the items were created in ways that will have less long-term environmental impacts. The 21st century may have offered us a view of the long-term effects of consumerism but our technology has also bloomed since the industrial age. The internet presents us with the option to view products without the need to hold the physical object. Since each season offers different color palettes and a range of attire options based on the weather, this is a very useful alternative to traditional mall shopping. In large businesses this can mean a lot of waste once the season is over. Clothing from slow fashion companies are clothes made to be cherished.

Companies like Cynefin, offer ease to the consumers’ minds knowing that their products were sustainably produced. Cynefin was created by “just a couple of Canadian women, who believe in the value of a healthy, active lifestyle and are working to better steward the resources we have been blessed with by helping others make more sustainable choices.” You know this statement rings true by viewing the site. Cynefin does not create an overabundance of clothing that could potentially be thrown away once the season is over. Offering a simple and clean site, Cynefin shows how slow fashion can be beneficial to the world in so many ways. You can shop the wonderful styles on their site with the peace of mind that your clothing is not being over produced by a wasteful corporate company. The styles will also be more unique to you since they will be made to order. You can feel welcome in the fitness world that has its best interests focused on the environment and you.

Amanda Peacock is a studio art and psychology graduate with a passion for sustainable environmental practices. After having worked closely with environmental educators she realized that the long term effects on our environment can not only impact our Earth, but our physical and mental wellbeing for decades. Recently, Amanda decided to begin freelance work to follow her dreams of supporting passionate organizations that have similar values through artistic means of writing and graphic design.


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